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The Cleaning Boutiqué can tailor a De-Clutter Service for your home tailored to your needs and requirements

Wardrobe De-Clutter

Once clothes are washed they can be vacuum packed for easy storage

Kitchen De-Clutter

Get those presses de-cluttered

Remove all out of date items, Wash Jars, wash shelves, Top of presses dusted

Presses organised for ease of use again.

Utility Room De-Clutter

The utility room is the most valuable space in any house but unfortunately it tends to fill up and get left there.

Let the Cleaning Boutique organise this room and store items in a way that’s easy to find them

Garage De-Clutter

The garage can be organised in a way making it easier to find items without tripping over things

Items can be recycled like old paint, electrical items & timber to give more space